Pharmacy Clerk

Job Title: Pharmacy Technician
Reports to: Pharmacy Manager
Job Summary:
To work under the supervision of a pharmacist to deliver quality patient care and excellent customer service.
Essential Job Functions:
1) Assist pharmacist in labeling and filling prescriptions;
2) Assist patients in dropping off and picking up prescriptions;
3) Entering prescriptions into the computer;
4) Verify that customer receives correct prescription(s);
5) Scheduling and maintaining workflow;
6) Prepackage bulk medications;
7) Screen calls for pharmacists;
8) Medication ordering;
9) Billing of third party insurers;
10) Prepare medication inventories;
11) Assisting in outpatient dispensing;
12) Assisting inpatient dispensing;
13) Purchasing and billing
14) Maintaining computerized records;
15) Promoting sales and developing the business.
Minimum Skills and Knowledge:
1) Must have dexterity in hands to be able to scan/key groceries.
2) Must have strong communication skills to ensure excellent customer service.
3) Strong mathematical skills required to run the registers.
4) Must be able to lift up to twenty five (25) pounds up to forty percent (40%) of the time.
5) Must be able to stand upright for the majority of your scheduled work shift.

Don't Be Fooled

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